Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beginner's Guide To Linux

I have just been so busy with homeschooling and other activities I have not had the time to toy around with Linux like I have wanted to. I have, however, found a great site that I wanted to share. I wish I had found this before I had installed Linux, but it definitely has information I think will be helpful to all of you. Maximum PC has done a series called The Complete Beginner's Guide to Linux.

This series is made up of 4 articles starting with Finding the Right Distribution which is nice because it shares some of the various possibilities out there, including my distro of choice, Ubuntu. Part 2 is Partition and Installation and it goes through the various stages of the install. These come with easy to follow instructions and it provides graphical illustrations throughout. The next one is titled The Linux GUI which stands for graphical user interface. That basically helps you choose and use a basic window manager focusing primarily on GNOME (what I currently use), KDE (one I have started looking at) and XFCE. It does touch on a few others as well. The final article is one I plan on looking at more closely soon and it is Introduction to the Terminal. I have really wanted to start learning how to get around in the terminal more, rather than having to rely on the windows manager. I am hoping this article will assist me with that. It really does seem to be a well written and thorough piece (otherwise I would not be recommending it to you).

So if you are thinking about installing Linux, this might be a another good resource for you. Remember I have other instructional sites I have shared including a video. I find it is good to read several things before delving into unfamiliar territory. I am certainly glad I found this guide at Maximum PC. It is a blog I will continue to follow.